my passion

Hello, I am Ani and I live in Belgium, I started photography in 2008.

I have always been interested in making pictures but it has never been a passion like it is now!
If it’s a picture of me and my friends or a beautiful landscape on a misty morning, an empty building or a portrait… long as I like what I see that’s all that matters!

Urban Exploring or photographing abandoned buildings is my greatest challenge, a real thrill!
It is horrible if you know how many abandoned buildings there are in Belgium! So many beautiful old buildings left behind, taken over by nature…it’s such a waste!

I also enjoy making pictures of other subjects, as long as it’s interesting to me I will take the shot!

If you have questions about my pictures or are interested in a picture, please email me! All pictures are available in different sizes, on canvas, on Plexiglas, ….just name it!

Enjoy my pictures on my website and see the world as I see it, through my lens!

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